Are you really happy with your dentures? Are they more than 5 years old? Would you love a better smile? Did you know that dentures can be a cosmetic procedure? Many dentists try to replicate nature and make dentures that appear to look proper. However, most of these dentures are made to look like there are problems with the teeth. This is appropriate if the patient requests that their teeth look exactly the same as they always did. However, Dr. Gazerro believes that is the perfect time to make ANY changes you want.

When considering a denture or replacing a denture, why not make the cosmetic changes you have always wanted. Dr. Gazerro can help you select the natural teeth and color to meet your desires. The denture will provide you with your new dazzling smile.


Dr. Gazerro can also fabricate partial dentures without the unsightly metal clasps so no one can tell you are missing any teeth or that you are actually wearing a denture at all.

Ask Dr. Gazerro about having a Cosmetic Denture made. With over 25 tooth color shades and multiple shape styles to choose from we are sure you will be happy with the result.

Problem keeping your denture in place? Dr. Gazerro can discuss your options to improve not only on your appearance but also your ability to speak, eat and laugh and smile without any thought to your dentures again. For more information on this option see the DENTAL IMPLANTS section of our website.