Teeth In A Day

Teeth in a day procedure – Do you hate your dentures or are you afraid you won’t be able to wear them.  We have a better option and you will never be without teeth.  Called teeth in a day it is a team approach to replacing teeth.  After careful planning Dr. Gazerro, the oral surgeon, and the lab technician are present on the day of your implant surgery.  Once the surgeon has assured all the implants are in place, Dr. Gazerro and the lab technician will take over the case to provide you with a denture which will immediately be attached to your implants.  You leave the surgery with the ability to smile and eat the same day.  After a healing period this denture will be replaced by a better more esthetic and durable restoration but at no time will you ever have to remove the denture yourself.

Dental Implants

Feel and function like natural teeth

Do not move

No adhesives

Can last a lifetime

Easily cared for

Allows you to eat any and all foods without compromise

Preserves jaw bone


Rests on your palate or ridge

Easily dislodged

Adhesives usually

Replace every 5-7 years, reline or repair as needed

Remove to clean

Hard and sticky foods may be a challenge

Can speed bone loss