One of the most state of the art services we can offer in dentistry is DENTAL IMPLANTS. Everyone can be a candidate for implant replacement of missing teeth. Not only can we replace one tooth predictably but we can also help to anchor your dentures in place or eliminate the need for dentures altogether.


For whatever reason you may have lost a single tooth, we can easily and predictably replace this single tooth with a dental implant without the need to involve any other teeth. An oral surgeon will evaluate the site and place the implant in the exact area designated by Dr. Gazerro. Following a short healing period, you will have your tooth replaced with a crown that will look and feel similar to your natural tooth.


If you are missing multiple teeth the best replacement option is always dental implants. You will be examined by an oral surgeon who will plan your case along with Dr. Gazerro. You will be instructed to have a Cone Beam CT scan performed. This quick low-dose radiation digital x-ray allows Dr. Gazerro and the oral surgeon to perform a computer simulated surgery. Surgical guides will be fabricated from the computer model allowing us to place your implants in precisely the exact position planned during the computer simulation. Following a short healing period you will have your teeth replaced with crowns, bridges or implant supported dentures.


If you are missing all of your teeth and are frustrated with the denture, implants can be used to help support the denture and anchor it in place. By using strategically placed implants and precision attachments your denture will be held in securely and no longer move. This will allow you to eat the foods you love, speak freely, laugh, and enjoy life once again without the fear of dislodging your denture.