When fillings or cavities become too large the tooth becomes weakened and is at risk to fracture. This can be very painful or even result in the loss of the tooth. To restore these teeth we may recommend that a crown or "cap" be used. The crown will look exactly like a real tooth and since it covers the entire tooth, it is the most durable restoration Dr. Gazerro can provide his patients.

Do you have crowns that have the dreaded "dark line" at the gum line? Do you look at older crowns and say "they just don't look real". To solve these problems Dr. Gazerro utilizes ALL PORCELAIN CROWNS. These crowns allow the passage of light and provide the most lifelike restoration possible.

In addition to crowns made by a dental laboratory Dr. Gazerro offers CEREC. This CAD/CAM system allows Dr. Gazerro to image, design and fabricate your crown in office in ONE VISIT. This means you leave with a completed crown the same day. There is no temporary crown to come loose and no need to return for a second visit.